The Incredible Story of Algo & I
Master Thesis (2019), Design Academy Eindhoven
This thesis will be the establishment of an interaction between an algorithm and a designer. In the first instance the goal is to reduce its black-box character in order to create a better understanding of its workings. Then, if the designer succeeds to interact with an algorithm, the question on how this interaction can contribute to a designers’ practice, will be raised. Finally, the designer will ask herself how this interaction can become a valuable collaboration for the designer.
The influence of Spatial Attention in the fight for Awareness
Bachelor Thesis (2017), Utrecht University
Ever since the outside world is a complex and ambiguous unity of  information that our visual perception systems cannot take in completely, we only become aware of a vast subset of this information. Previous research revealed that information with a high ecological and emotional relevance find their access into awareness faster compared to more neutral information. In this research, we investigated if this relevance could also be created towards a stimulus with a low intrinsic relevance on itself, but with an appearance on a relevant location in visual space. We hypothesized that a previously suppressed stimulus is detected faster when the use of spatial attention (that prioritizes a certain area within the visual field)  is evoked. To examine this, we made use of a b-CFS paradigm that appealed upon the unconscious perception, in combination with a spatial target detection task evoking the use of spatial attention with the help of a cuing paradigm. The results, however, reveal that the use of spatial attention evoked by this experimental setting did not have a significant effect on the detection times of a suppressed stimulus.