Objective Portraiture

In collaboration with Gijs de Boer & Studio Digital Native -
Design Academy Eindhoven

This was a three-day workshop with bachelor students of the Digital Native program. During these three days, the students trained their own object recognition algorithm and crafted an artwork specifically for this algorithm to analyze. The students collected datasets that represented their interests and fascinations, and then annotated those datasets with their judgments. This entire process of teaching the machine something about themselves became a reflexive journey for the students, making them realize how they positioned themselves within their research topics and making practices. It also generated a personal understanding of the workings of such an AI model.

A written publication of this work is coming soon. Images courtesy of the students who created them.

Top left: Aisha’s Portrait
Top Right: Yann’s Portrait
Middle: Borisz Portrait
3-day workshop, 2023

I am a designer and researcher, currently working as a PhD student at the Technical University in Delft, as part of the Designing Intelligence Lab. My research and design work involves AI in creative practices, and I explore how it can be used as a tool for self-reflection.
I create publications, workshops, talks and installations for exhibitions. 

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Objective Portrait (2022)
Objective Portraiture (2023)
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